During our two month trip in Croatia this autumn, we crossed the border into Montenegro for two weeks. We had been dazzled by the beauty of the Croatian coast in the preceding weeks and were a little underwhelmed at Montenegro’s disfigured coastline, blighted by monstrous hotels and half-built apartment blocks. But we found two gems, the Kotor bay area close to the Croatian border, and … Continue reading Montenegro

Approaching The Mediterranean Sea

Current location: Maçanet de Cabrenys Distance covered so far: 706kms Ascent so far: 39,700m This has been a section of ‘lasts’: our last footsteps in the snow, our last col above 2,750m and then our last time above 1,000m. Our final day at altitude was wonderful: a few hours on the ridge line in glorious, albeit freezing, sunshine, with far reaching views. We descended reluctantly, unsure … Continue reading Approaching The Mediterranean Sea

East Through Andorra

Current location: Encamp, Andorra Distance covered so far: 508kms  Ascent so far: 28,200m Since our last post we have been moving ever eastwards and are now in Andorra.  Before reaching Andorra we had several days in a dying part of Catalonia. We passed through abandoned or semi-abandoned villages in what would once have been a thriving agriculture area. It was sad to pass these villages … Continue reading East Through Andorra

Against The Clock To Espot

Current location: Espot Distance covered so far: 435kms  Ascent so far: 21,200m What a exciting few days we have had since our last post. But first, here’s the backstory. Arriving in Benasque, we were both tired and felt like a rest day before tackling the next section. What lay ahead was a remote 5-day stage which would bring us past the halfway mark. The first of … Continue reading Against The Clock To Espot

Through The Aragon Pyrenees

Current location: Benasque Distance covered so far: 358kms  Ascent so far: 16,600m Several long but stunning days have brought us almost to the end of the Aragon Pyrenees. It has been an intense section with the GR11 passing through the heart of the mountains over 1 or 2 steep cols every day. Aragon is home to some of the best known peaks of the Pyrenees … Continue reading Through The Aragon Pyrenees

​Over The Col De Tebarrai 

Current location: Baños de Panticosa Distance covered so far: 256kms Ascent so far: 11,600m An extension of the storm warning saw us extend our stay in Sallent de Gallego by an extra day. While the stay was relaxing, we were impatient to hit the trail again and return to the job in hand before we got too comfortable. (A quick aside on our time in … Continue reading ​Over The Col De Tebarrai 

​A Beautiful Walk To Sallent

Current location: Sallent de Gallego Distance covered so far: 231kms Ascent so far: 10,000m We are delighted to have made it to double digits, both in terms of the number of days walked and thousands of metres climbed. While it looks like good progress on the map, the difficulty ramps up seriously from here (and progress will slow), with the toughest terrain and the highest … Continue reading ​A Beautiful Walk To Sallent

The First Hiccup

Current location: Candanchu Distance covered so far: 208kms Ascent so far: 9,100m So many things to update on from the last few days. Firstly, the scenery is stunning. We have left Navarre and the rolling green hills of the Basque country and entered the alpine scenery of Aragon. Huge peaks towering over us as we cross from one valley to the next. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! … Continue reading The First Hiccup