An old acquaintance

I became reacquainted with an old friend recently – my 11 year old Macpac Cascade pack. Purchased after I completed a mountaineering course it is an 85L monster that can handle all the climbing gear and ropes an aspiring mountaineer could need. Used intermittently over the first year or so it has been neglected for most of the past decade. And boy did it smell when I pulled it out for this trip! After a thorough scrub though it is looking and smelling good again! In fact it seems to have weathered this past decade better than I have… Weighing 3.4 kilos it is heavier than the latest generation of packs, but what it lacks in lightness it compensates for in comfort and space. It has a roomy main compartment and decent sized pockets, plus luxuriously thick padding around the hip and shoulder straps (that I know Daniel dreams nightly of cutting off) and plenty of ways to strap extra gear on. The only downside is that it will be too easy for me to say to Daniel ‘don’t worry if that doesn’t fit in your handbag, I mean, backpack, just stuff it in mine!’



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