Move in the right direction

[This song inspired the title.]

We’ve had lots of questions and comments about our decision to pack in our jobs and head off with our backpacks. Some think we are crazy, while others think we were crazy to have waited so long! To give some perspective, here’s a few thoughts …

What are we giving up?
– salaries, worthless stock options, 20 (oh yes, a whoooooole 20) days of yearly holidays, …
– bills (we won’t receive any – we simply cancelled everything!)
– round-the-clock internet access (we’re internet junkies so this is going to hurt!)
– music players (but we’ll keep dancing)
– busy schedules and stress (ciao to that flashing red light on our blackberries!)
– the comfort of a home and the familiarity of a routine (strange as it seems, we will probably miss these …)
– our ki ki kindle and i pa pa pad … R.I.P.
– that mix of praise, money and opportunity that trapped us in our previous lives
– a good life for an even better one!

What are we gaining?
– time a-plenty, to do what we enjoy, or to do ab-so-lutely nothing
– the chance to be upright instead of hunched-over for most of the day!
– space, space, space (as long as we look out the “door” of our little tent)
– immunity from bad weather thanks to our high-tech gear (in Gore-tex, we trust!)
– fresh food, caught or grown locally (note: we’re pescaterian)
– getting closer to our families, friends and being open to those we will meet along the way
– BIG SKIES, after years of HK’s skyscrapers and pollution
– new skills (Clara to learn to live with the beauties that await us in NZ and Daniel to gain the art of manliness to handle them just in case!)
– a massive broadening of our horizons, and who knows where that might lead!

Daniel & Clara


2 thoughts on “Move in the right direction

  1. I think you have taken the good decision. It’s a real challenge et I’m really happy for you that you have the chance to make this expedition.


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