First post from overseas

We spent Sunday morning running around like headless chickens before we finally cleared everything and with enough time to spare to enjoy a final coffee and brunch at our favourite cafe. It was a beautiful day in HK and the city really looked its best as we headed to the airport by train. Things only got better when we realised we would be flying on an A380 for the first leg of our journey to Singapore – by the look on Daniel’s face you would think we had just been upgraded! We enjoyed a very smooth flight and the excellent service of Singapore Airlines, and after a quick transfer were soon enroute to Auckland.
This leg, at over 9 hours, was more testing, especially with a kid nearby that yelled like its nails were being extracted, and the most turbulent descent we’ve experienced in years. Eventually we landed and were grateful to know that it will be 6 months before we next fly! We were met at the airport by a good friend Ann, who kept us company for most of the day, in addition to being a taxi service, and local tour guide (thanks Ann and Padraig for the hospitality!). We hope Ann will join us on some of our hikes over the next few months, so more on Ann later!
We are now settled in our accommodation, having a beer, listening to the rain outside and beginning to realise we have all the time in the world. We are both very tired, and a few days rest is in order before we hit any trails (although Clara has already been up the little hill near our hostel). We’ve also sampled a fish & chips, and the local kiwi beer and are happy to see several inviting cafes just a few minutes walk away.


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