Ground control to Major Tom


We had our first taste of NZ’s weather while approaching Auckland airport. What a hell of a descent we had! Luckily, I was in a semi-coma from a motion sickness pill I had taken a few hours before to get some sleep. My brain was conscious of the rough turbulence we were going through and was running worst case scenarios (not yet seen on Discovery channel). I genuinely am a risk averse person and it is no coincidence that I’m the Chief Risk Officer of this expedition :-). In the past while projecting these catastrophic scenarios I would be filled with regret for my past inactivity. But this time was different and surprisingly my brain was saying “calm down cowboy, let’s chill out here”. That effect was more than just the buzz from the pill – it was an overall sense of relief. I was kicking myself out of my comfort zone, finally emerging from that inertia, and giving myself a chance to live life to the full. What a great feeling and one which a little turbulence wasn’t going to shake!
P.S. We are now left with nine of these little pills and we will certainly make good use of them, either on a flight or when our tent is being threatened one hell of a windy night!


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