The NZ weather

So far, the weather in Auckland has been either very good or very bad with no shades of grey in between. When it rains, it rains heavily and it ends as suddenly as it started; heavy rain, no rain, heavy rain, no rain, … Same for the wind; big gust of wind, no wind, … and it is sometimes (“normally” would be more correct) combined in a nasty way to create horizontal rain. Interestingly, when looking at locals it seems there is no consensus on how to dress during winter; some wear shorts and t-shirts while others cover up in winter jackets. The winter jacket option seems to us the best option, with the shorts explained by the people here just being extremely hardy! And the hardiness starts young as when we passed a school yesterday the kids were playing outside barefoot!  Brrrr! But before we rule out the shorts option, I’ve decided to give it a go and am feeling like a local today in shorts with a fleece and a down jacket.




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