Our hostel


Since arriving in Auckland we have been staying in a backpackers hostel. This two story wooden house is located in a very charming area with enough coffee shops to satisfy even the most demanding coffee addicts. There are two rooms of interest in that hostel: the kitchen and the bedroom. Let’s start with the kitchen. When we left our apartment in HK with its 3sqft kitchen counter (note that this surface could be doubled when a chopping board was squeezed between toiletries on the bathroom counter) we thought the next “kitchen” would be pretty basic, as we expected it would be in the bush. To my surprise however, the hostel has the biggest kitchen i’ve ever seen; 8 gas stoves, 4 cooking fans, piles of pans and cooking ware and a counter large enough to make Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen looks miserable! We made great use of it on our second night and had a casual dinner with Ann (Clara’s friend) in the canteen like dining room.
Now, the bedroom. It is on the upper floor of the house, right on the corner with large windows on 2 sides. This is probably the brightest room in the building. Given the cold, we were reassured when we saw a portable heater in the middle of the room. What we missed though is the unique feature of the room: a single electric plug…with a 90-minute timer, after which a button needs to be pressed to continue the power. So, the ipad and galaxy chargers, the lamp, an electric blanket and the heater all compete for the plug (at night!). And what fool innocently agreed to sleep on the side of the bed closest to that reset button? The last three nights can be summarized as follows:
1st night: the ipad and the galaxy got charged, the heater was off, we stayed warm thanks to our sleeping bag liners but created enough condensation to fill a 5L bottle. We slept badly because of the jet lag.
2nd night: tried the electric blanket, burned our asses and slept badly.
3rd night:  successfully used the heater but its active management made us sleep badly and Clara is now cross with me.
There is one more night to go and we are not too worried about what we are going to do with the heater as we will probably sleep out of pure exhaustion.


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