Warming up


Today was our first ‘tramp’, the kiwi expression for a trek, or a hike. After months of preparation and selecting gear it was great to be out walking, and especially good to be getting some miles under the belt in our new and as yet ‘unbroken-in’ boots! After an easy morning grazing at the hotel buffet, and some squatting of wifi at the library, we geared up and headed out for a walk. The trail brought us along the coast to the town of Opua, sometimes dipping low to cross beaches, rocky shores, or mangrove swamps and other times contouring a cliff or entering a forest. Overall the track was in great condition and that together with the lack of backpacks made for a lovely walk. During the tramp we had typical NZ weather, starting out in blustery sunshine, and finishing in heavy rain and strongwinds. No blisters appeared despite the new boots, and Daniel’s heel seemed to hold up well enough too. He is icing it now in preparation for tomorrow’s walk, when we will leave the luxury of the hotel behind and set up our first camp. We’ve just heard the forecast for tomorrow too – snow on the South island, high winds and rain showers everywhere else. So a perfect day for our inaugural erecting of our tent! We’re only going about 10ks up the coast though, so we can always hitch back if it proves too much for us 🙂



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