Coromandel town to Amodeo Bay

We walked out of Coromandel town on a bright and breezy morning, weather which was to continue for the next five days. Our destination was Amodeo Bay, about 18ks up the coast road. The road mostly tracked the bays and inlets along the coast, but detoured inland once to climb over a hill (probably barely noticable in a car, but every degree of which we felt with our packs!). Having seen conflicting signs as to distance, we were relieved when the campsite sign appeared. And what a beautiful campsite it was – across the road from the sea, with islands offshore and beautiful hills behind. We were the only campers too so we had the facilities to ourselves. With the camp set-up by 2.30, we spent the afternoon exploring the rocky shore, with Daniel taking pictures and finally using the tripod he has been carrying for these past 2 weeks. We had a beautiful sunset, a foretaste of what was to come in the following days as we camped on the West coast.



2 thoughts on “Coromandel town to Amodeo Bay

  1. Very entertaining adventure and beautiful pics!! Culdn’t comment on the pics though… You should think of changing your FB settings to let people comment or “like” your photos.


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