Amodeo Bay to Otautu Bay

Daniel was up at 5.30 to photograph the sunrise, while i had a lie-in till 6.15. After a hearty breakfast of porridge with dried fruits and seeds and some freshly brewed coffee, we were on the road by 8.30. Another 18ks today, which started with a body-warming, heart-pumping hill. We passed through beautiful countryside of green hills, with trees, cows, sheep and birdlife everywhere. After 9ks we reached the village of Colville, where we thought we would spend the night, but after walking 1.5ks to the campsite discovered it was closed. The hazards of off-season travelling! The 1.5ks back to town were a killer, but we refreshed ourselves with a stop at the cafe; our last chance to enjoy a flat white coffee for many days! The cafe was fantastic – it would be a real find in a city, to have it here in the back of beyond was amazing! After the break, we stocked up on some extra supplies (no shops further North) and walked a further 6ks to Otautu Bay, and the largest campsite we have seen yet. Once again we were the only campers, and picked a lovely spot for the tent right beside the beach. It was a very cold and windy evening, and it took ages to muster the courage to strip for the shower. The shower was token operated and we weren’t sure how long the hot water would last so didn’t risk washing our hair – a mistake with hindsight (the shower token was only 50 cents!) as that was to be our last hot water shower for several days!


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