Fantail Bay to Port Jackson

A short walk today, with the first few ks on the road and the rest on a stunning cliff path with cows grazing both sides. The path followed the animal tracks so that 9 steps out of 10 were in cow dung, but hey, that’s what we have waterproof boots for! As we walked along the track we had a panorma of the cows, and could see them all watching us from a distance. As we walked they scattered high and low on the cliff, again stopping to watch us until they moved on again. As the path took us higher, they dropped lower, and when we went lower, they went lower still. It was like a magnetic force around us, keeping all living things at a distance! That, or the fact that we haven’t washed much in recent days!

After 8 or 9ks we reached Port Jackson, where the nicest campsite yet awaited us. Set on grass in-front of a sweeping sandy bay, and bounded by green hills on either side, it looked like paradise when we first saw it from the cliffs at the Western end. Again we are the only campers, although there are a couple of camper vans. After several days without washing, we had decided to brave the cold water and have a shower here, given we were arriving early in the day and could let the afternoon sun warm us. But … we discovered that there is no water supply here, and the few drops we can coax from the tap are strictly for drinking or cooking, so the shower will have to wait another day! We are both wearing caps constantly at the moment, and i dread to think what state our hair is in underneath!

Dinner these days is at around 4pm as it is too cold to sit and eat after that. By 5.30pm we are usually heading for the tent, dying for the wind protection it gives us. Once inside we keep saying how warm it is and how much we love our tent and our sleeping bags, although sometimes we do admit how wonderful it would be to have a camper van šŸ™‚ Are we ever going to be warm outside in this country?


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