Hot topics

While hiking there are two regular topics in our daily chats: hot showers and food. The hot showers conversation is pretty straightforward and goes along the lines of:
– Clara: “Wouldn’t a hot shower be lovely?”
– Daniel: “Oh yes it would!”
– Daniel: “Wouldn’t a hot shower be lovely?”
– Clara: “God yes!”
We love reminding ourselves how great a hot shower is!

On the food front it is a different story as we fantasize about what we can’t get our hands (mouth) on; Clara mostly misses fresh baked goods (scones, muffins, breads, cakes) while I miss sweet and salty snacks (ice cream, chips, nachos). The privation made me realize that I have always had easy access to food and made sure that the fridge and the cupboard had plenty to tempt a frequent snacker – Junk food was always eaten first although at the time of buying it I would tell myself “I’ll keep this treat for later this week” (yeah right!). When I met Clara I found that she also likes junk food (thank God!) but has this special gene called moderation that I obviously lack. So, I slowly got uncomfortable sitting next to her and stuffing myself with massive portions while she would eat one piece at a time, and started to moderate my consumption. Turns out that was good training as hiking enforces a junk food detox. After years of frequent snacking, the detox is tough and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to get easier with days on the trail…
Last week while hiking we promised ourselves that on our return to civilization we would eat Nutella toast for a whooooole day, until we really scratched that itch. But, to my surprise, when we finally reached a supermarket Clara vetoed the Nutella purchase saying she was satisfied after the slice of chocolate cake she had in Port Charles. Well well well! When was she going to warn me about this major change of plan? Thinking that price may have been the issue (believe it or not, buying the Nutella would have taken a big chunk out of our daily budget!), I turned to a large bag of Bluebird salt and vinegar chips (Clara’s favorite) but she again rejected the offer. True to her moderate approach though, she agreed to a small bag of chips … (there is a God for junk food lovers!). Guess what though, later that day she announced she was going to the supermarket to buy … some cookies. Music to my ears 🙂

Other noticeable food-related behaviors:
– when we reached the backpackers in Coromandel town, there was a jar of crunchy peanut butter in the “free” section and seeing it almost made us cry. We immediately got our crackers out of our backpack and spread them with thick layers of peanut butter, emptying the jar within minutes.
– in Port Jackson campsite our neighbor moved his car a few meters but it was enough to make me dream that he was going to a supermarket and was going to ask us whether he could bring back food for us. I was thinking of cheese, fresh bread, fruit and more!
– The snacks (granola chocolate bars) are carried in Clara’s pack as a way of policing their consumption, and every time she opens her pack to take one out I look at it eagerly like a dog about to get a treat.

If you think of inviting us to stay at your place one day then please make sure the hot water tank is full and the fridge and cupboards are well stocked!


3 thoughts on “Hot topics

  1. Primo: i just love your hot showers conversations…
    Secondo: How can you say that you’re not a moderate person. Moderation is your middle-name, my friend!!
    Terso: when you come to Mtl, i will invite you à la “mison” for an all-you-can-eat roast-beef buffet and two-for-one beers… Yust like the good old days, mangn…


    1. Your offer has been well noted thanks! We’d also like to try those famous pizzas from your Italian oven (ignore this comment if for some strange reason this project has not materialised!).
      Una ultima demanda: aspettiamo due caffee italiani per favore


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