Couldn’t sleep

We hiked ‘Kiwi’ style, so we clambered and climbed
We leapt across gullies and slid down inclines
There was rain, there was snow and even some sleet
We were always relieved to reach the hut and its heat
Some huts were empty and in some there were others
We met friends, a loner, some sons with their mothers
Breakfast was porridge, for lunch we had cheese
Dinner was pasta, sardines and dried peas
Stream crossings were plenty – at least ten or twenty
Some were passed with no sweat, but we often got wet
We crossed lava and dessert, tussock and scree
No insects were seen, not even a bee!
We had fast days and slow days, no days were the same
‘Coz we rested when tired or if we felt lame
We paused to take snaps and check a nice view
Or sometimes we stopped coz we needed the loo!
We loved our time there, and although we froze
We were lucky indeed to have days like those!


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