About Clara and Daniel

2 ex-slaves of the corporate world who had been talking for years about packing it in and spending our days doing something we loved, or at least didn’t loathe! Our previous life was comfortable, and it was all too easy to be trapped by a good income, praise and success at work, convenience, what everyone else was doing, etc. That is no way to live! Our lives were flying by and we wanted to ditch our routines and slow time down.
Once we got together we stopped just talking about it, and took action, leaving our jobs in August 2012 and taking to the road. Fear of the unknown had stalled us for so long as we had tried in vain to create an exit strategy. But in fact the answer lay in not having a plan, and just trusting it would all work out. Since we took the plunge more opportunities have come to us than we could ever have planned or indeed imagined.
Both lovers of the outdoors, Daniel is a keen landscape photographer and Clara a hiker, so we hope to spend time in beautiful places. Our budget is tighter than a Scots wallet, so we are camping, hitching, and generally making our way anyway we can. We hope to travel slowly through beautiful places, lingering in special spots. We plan too to dedicate time to eating well and sleeping well, and meeting and helping people along the way. First stop New Zealand, and then who knows where! WE ONLY LIVE ONCE!


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