6 Days In

Current location: Ochagavia Distance covered so far: 137kms Ascent so far: 5,800m We are reaching the end of day 6 and we have several sublime days of walking behind us. We are steadily climbing each day, and crossed 1,500m today for the first time. We spend most of our days above 1,000m and the scenery is magnificent. During the last few days we have been … Continue reading 6 Days In

Introducing the GR11 long distance trail

Following years dreaming of it, and weeks preparing for it, tomorrow we start our journey on the Gran Recorrido 11. A long distance trail that runs through the Spanish Pyrenees, the GR 11 links the Atlantic ocean with the Mediterranean sea. Amounting to about 50 days of hiking, with an average ascent and descent of almost 1,000m per day, it is the longest hike we … Continue reading Introducing the GR11 long distance trail

The Pennine Way

This is a brief post about our walk along the Pennine Way in July 2017. Needing to go somewhere hilly to begin training for our long distance Pyrenean hike starting in August, we chose the Pennine Way for its easy access from Ireland. The Pennine Way runs along the Pennine hills sometimes described as the “backbone of England”. It stretches from the Peak District, through … Continue reading The Pennine Way

Around Crete

Driving out of Chania, the first thing we noticed was the endless array of holiday apartments and hotels. Line after line of resorts, with all the attached services – mini markets, shops selling beach gear, souvenir shops and touristy tavernas and cafes. Most were closed at this time of the year, and it was one long tasteless line of shuttered concrete blocks. As an aside, … Continue reading Around Crete

Welcome to Crete!

“Bag down!” “Bag DOWN!!” “BAG DOWN!!! “DOOOOOWWWWWN!!!!!!!!!!!” The bus driver stood over me yelling aggressively and insistently that I hand over the bag that sat neatly between my feet on the bus floor. I lifted the bag to my knees, offering to keep it there instead. This drove him wild with fury and he yelled and leaned over me even more. Sensing a battle I … Continue reading Welcome to Crete!

The Mountainous Peloponnese

The Peloponnese is such a special place. In our previous post you will have seen some of its  beautiful bays, but what makes it special is the abundance of mountains, visible from every point on the peninsula. Many peaks, being over 2,000m high, are snow covered until the end of spring, and we never tired of being surrounded by orange or olive groves, or walking on … Continue reading The Mountainous Peloponnese

The Coastal Peloponnese

Returning to Piraeus and Athens after the islands was a shock to the system, and we couldn’t wait to get away again. We had booked a car for our two week trip on the Peloponnese, the large peninsula to the west of Athens. This region, and the Mani peninsula in particular, had been my favourite spot in Greece when I visited 15 years ago, and I was looking … Continue reading The Coastal Peloponnese