Spectacular Santorini

(Santorini being such a special place, this post is a little longer than usual) There can be no more dramatic Greek island arrival than that of Santorini. As we sailed along the curve of the island we were given a panoramic view of Santorini’s villages clinging precariously to the tops of the sheer 200m – 300m high cliffs. First we passed Oia in the North, … Continue reading Spectacular Santorini

Getting High In Naxos

On each of our last two days in Naxos, we jumped on a bus to the mountainous interior, to walk along the network of way-marked paths connecting local villages, detouring to secluded churches, or climbing some peaks. On these walks in the hills, we saw thousands of olive trees, sometimes whole sides of a mountain terraced and planted with them. Many seemed as old as … Continue reading Getting High In Naxos

Next up, Paros

Our second island is Paros, a mere one hour ride from Syros, but bearing no resemblance to it. We emerged from the ferry at 10.30pm to a wild seafront, with waves slapping over the harbour walls, palm trees bending in the wind and low sized buildings strung out along the water in both directions. We were in Parikia, the main town of Paros, with homes … Continue reading Next up, Paros

Syros, in the Cyclades

At 6am on Saturday morning we found ourselves amongst the dishevelled late night party-goers on the Athens metro. While they appeared to be on their way home, we were on our way to Piraeus, the largest port in Greece, and indeed in the whole of the Mediterranean. There are endless quays, and even at 6.30 in the morning, innumerable ferries and ships. Nonetheless, everything was well signposted … Continue reading Syros, in the Cyclades